With the advancement of China's environmental protection cause, many lubricant companies are facing the problem of closing down or re-locating to build factories, and the ensuing "foundry" has become the first choice for many lubricant companies. Due to manufacturing costs, transportation convenience, saving development time and other considerations, some well-known brand enterprises are willing to find other manufacturers "foundry", "foundry" there are two models, OEM and ODM 1, OEM production, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as foundry (production). The basic meaning of OEM is that brand producers do not directly produce products, but use the key core technology they master to design and develop new products, control sales channels, and entrust specific processing tasks to other manufacturers of similar products through contract ordering. 2, ODM is a manufacturer according to the specifications and requirements of another manufacturer, the design and production of products, the entrusted party has the design ability and technical level, the formation of short-term or long-term cooperation between organizations through strategic alliances, in order to achieve strategic purposes, has been a common means.


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ASE is a professional processing sharing factory based on the principle of good faith professional quality service Build a good Internet sharing platform

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One-stop lubricant OEM/ODM service to help you easily own your own brand. Our one-stop including: registered trademark, company website, packaging material design, bottle purchase, outer box purchase, raw materials, formula, filling, plastic sealing, finished products, warehousing and other services. Professional brand consultant service team to solve all your problems.


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We integrate goods, services and sales so that everyone can enjoy a series of high-quality services such as product provision, design, pre-sales and after-sales at a very low price. Create additional profits, improve the core competitiveness of the store, not affected by the outside world, save costs, partner era, team to fight the world, with the resources of partners, do trust transformation.


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Tap into abundant and scarce resources to quickly replicate business models and scale rapidly. To stimulate the network effect platform, there are generally a variety of strategies that can be adopted, such as subsidy strategy, user order strategy, bilateral synchronization and conversion strategy, etc., to close the exit of user loss as much as possible, build a good brand and user


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