Have you encountered common problems with oil use?


Each owner friend will give his car to change the oil, along with the use of oil, the car may encounter problems such as low oil pressure, cylinder pulling, viscosity decline, so what are the common problems with the use of turbine oil? How to fix it? Today Xiaobian will take you to find out

What about low oil pressure?
Low oil pressure can be said to be the most common problem in the use of automotive oil. The most direct reason for low oil pressure is that the amount of oil is too little, resulting in insufficient oil supply, at this time, oil should be added in time; It may also be that the oil viscosity is not enough, and it is necessary to replace the oil with a higher viscosity grade. Filter blockage, oil circuit pollution, oil deterioration, etc., may cause oil pressure reduction.

Why is the oil alarm light on?
The first reaction of the owner when he sees the oil alarm light is often a problem with the oil. In fact, the reason why the oil alarm lamp will alarm, there are usually three situations:
One is to alarm when starting. The alarm when starting is mostly because the oil pressure is too low, can not meet the requirements, first of all, look at the selected oil viscosity is not low, resulting in starting difficulties, or the viscosity is too high, so that the pump is difficult, at this time it is necessary to choose the appropriate viscosity of the oil to replace; If there is no problem with the oil, it is necessary to see whether the oil gauge is broken, whether the engine is faulty, whether the filter is blocked, etc., then it can only be repaired, cleaned or replaced.
The second is the high temperature alarm. First look at the oil level is not too low, too little oil should be added in time; Look at whether the selected oil is appropriate, low viscosity or poor quality oil will cause oil alarm; It may also be because the cooling system is not working well, resulting in high temperature, oil viscosity decline and alarm; Problems such as excessive clearance of the engine itself or wear of the oil pump may also lead to alarms.
The third is continuous alarm. At this time, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection, oil, engine, parts and so on May be the cause of the alarm.

Engine cylinder, burning tile is what happened?
The new car may also have the problem of pulling cylinder and burning tile:
From the oil point of view, mainly because the oil pressure is too low or the oil film strength is not enough, resulting in a decline in the lubrication protection effect, can not ensure the good lubrication of the friction pair;
From the point of view of the car itself, it may be because the car has not been well connected, or there are problems with parts, or it may be caused by overload;
From the perspective of the oil circuit, it may be that the oil circuit has impurities, the oil is polluted, or the oil has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in the engine pulling cylinder or burning tile.

What causes excessive oil consumption?
Oil consumption is mainly caused by volatilization of light components of oil, damage to seals, oil burning and other reasons, and low-viscosity oil is usually more easily lost than high-viscosity oil. If the oil consumption is too large, it is necessary to see whether the quality of the selected oil is problematic, and whether the API grade is too low. The oil above the SF grade will have the index requirement of evaporation loss, that is, the light component of the oil is limited, and the lower the grade of the oil, the greater the evaporation loss is often.

What's with the oil burning?
Burning oil means that the oil enters the combustion chamber of the engine and burns, resulting in increased carbon accumulation and increased fuel consumption. The easiest way to judge is when the car is driving, whether the color of the exhaust gas is blue, if it is blue, you can judge the engine burning oil.
Burning oil is not because the oil viscosity is too low, the use of high-viscosity oil can improve the situation to a certain extent, but the burning oil is actually more because of too much oil, the gap between the cylinder and the piston is too large, the oil is diluted by the mixture and other reasons. In addition to choosing the correct viscosity of the oil, it is also necessary to do a good job of inspection, repair and maintenance.

How is the oil white and frothy?
The oil is usually translucent, and if the oil appears milky and accompanied by foam, it is usually caused by oil water. When the water content of the oil exceeds 0.1%, the additives of the oil will fail, resulting in reduced oil function, faster oxidation, and eventually a failure of the car. If the oil appears white and frothy phenomenon, it should be replaced in time to avoid damaging the engine.