Automatic transmission and manual transmission oil change cycle


Automatic transmission and manual transmission oil change cycle, do you really know?
The car needs to be replaced in the maintenance of various oils, oil, brake oil, antifreeze... However, there is an oil that we often forget, that is transmission oil.

Transmission is divided into manual transmission and automatic transmission, and each transmission design is different, so the original factory has its own designated special transmission oil.
Because the profit of car maintenance supplies is relatively large, many illegal traders have engaged in the trade of fake and shoddy maintenance supplies. Therefore, when you buy transmission oil, you must be careful, and the use of fake and shoddy transmission oil will cause serious damage to the transmission.

Identify the authenticity of transmission oil from five aspects:
1, smell of oil: genuine oil has a burnt taste;
2, look at the color: genuine oil is black to black green;
3. Look at the bubbles of oil: After genuine oil is shaken, bubbles are rare;
4, look at the viscosity of the oil: genuine oil is not easy to remove, can draw wire;
5, look at the fluidity of the oil: after the genuine oil "hanging bottle", it is not clean for a long time.

The reason why transmission oil is easy to be ignored is that the replacement cycle of transmission oil is longer than that of other oils, and many people do not know how often transmission oil should be replaced, and the cost of replacing transmission oil is higher than that of other oils. How often should the transmission fluid be changed?

Automatic transmission
Under normal circumstances, the automatic transmission oil must be replaced every 3 years or every 60,000 kilometers driven.
If the vehicle is smooth and the transmission noise changes little, it can not be changed; If the vehicle is uncomfortable when changing gear, especially when the transmission noise increases significantly after the speed exceeds 100 km, it is necessary to consider whether the transmission oil should be replaced.
And Nissan models, most of them are recommended to replace 40,000 to 80,000 kilometers once, if you usually run more high-speed, it is recommended that you have to change 40,000 kilometers.

Manual transmission
For manual transmissions, it is generally recommended to replace transmission oil every 3 years or every 100,000 kilometers driven, because the internal structure of manual transmissions is much simpler than that of automatic transmissions.
In addition, when we replace the transmission oil, we should pay attention to the amount of transmission oil, too much or too little oil may damage the car's transmission.
Too much oil may cause too much resistance when the machine is running, or cause the transmission oil to bubble and deteriorate, resulting in abnormal wear of the machine.
And too little oil may cause insufficient power, slow shift, etc., long time may lead to hot gearbox, can not drive normally. Therefore, when checking the transmission oil, it should be measured accurately.