The right way to open an automatic, you know?


Up to the high-end car, down to the entry-level car, automatic transmission has been popularized to almost all models! Why is the automatic so loved by everyone? It can be said that as long as you can turn the steering wheel, you will open the automatic car, and the operation difficulty coefficient can be said to be a rookie level! However, can we really operate the seemingly simple automatic transmission? The automatic is simple but we can't be rough with it! Next, let's take a look at the correct way to open the automatic transmission with Xiaobian:

Correct opening way one:
The vehicle can only be started in P and N gears, and the brake must be pressed when the shift lever is removed from P gear. How do I start the car when in N gear? When the vehicle can drive directly forward after starting, the power should be switched on first, but the engine should not be used, and then the brake should be pulled to N gear, and then ignition, and then hang into D gear directly forward. In this way, it can avoid the ignition in P gear, but also through R gear, so that the gearbox through a reverse impact. Doing so can extend the life of the car.
Correct opening method 2:
You do not need to press the shift button when you switch between N, D and 3 gears, but you must press the shift button when you are hanging from the limit gear down from 3rd gear. If you are hanging from low gear to high gear, you do not need to press the shift button.
Correct opening method 3:
Never put an automatic in P gear unless you are ready to destroy the car. In the change of driving direction (that is, forward to backward, backward to forward), from reverse gear to forward gear or forward gear to reverse gear, be sure to wait for the car to stop before operating.

Correct opening method four:
Do not slip into N gear while the car is moving. Because the automatic transmission needs to be lubricated, if it is suspended into N gear while driving, the oil pump will not be able to supply oil normally, causing the temperature of the components in the transmission box to rise, and even complete damage. When driving at a low speed to a stop, it can be put into N gear in advance.

Correct opening method five:
Should I put it in N or D gear when I'm temporarily parked? In fact, it is OK to hang N or D file. It does no harm to the car to temporarily stop in D gear and then hit the brakes, because the torque converter in the gearbox has a set of reaction wheels with a one-way clutch. Its role is to increase the torque from the engine crankshaft. It does not operate when the engine is idle, and it only works when the engine speed rises to a certain level. However, it is also possible to hang it in N gear and then pull the handbrake, which has the advantage of allowing the right foot to move slightly. If you are not sure which gear to use, you can apply it according to the following standards: if the parking time is more than 30 seconds, hang the N handbrake, if the parking time is less than 30 seconds or even only ten seconds, then hang the D stop on the brake. Of course, this is only for the general automatic transmission car, if your car has special requirements is a different matter.
Correct opening way six:
When parking, be sure to turn off the engine and put it into P gear before taking out the key. This is very important! Because many owners will directly hang the car in P gear after stopping, and then turn off the engine, and then the handbrake. But in this way, the car will be slightly moved forward or backward after the shutdown because of the uneven road surface, and then the bite device in the P-gear gearbox is stuck with the change gear, and the change gear will be lost when the car moves, so that after a period of time the car should enter the repair shop. So what's the right thing to do? After the car enters the parking space, it should first step on the brake to pull the shift lever to N gear, then pull the hand brake, release the foot brake and then turn off the engine, and finally hang the shift lever into P gear. In addition, the difference between P gear and N gear is that there is a gear bite in the transmission when P gear, which can not only be used for parking, but also to help the vehicle brake. Therefore, after parking, be sure to hang the gear into P gear, be sure not to hang in N gear and rely only on the handbrake to brake, especially when parking at a slope, you should pay attention to this.
The above summarizes the correct opening of the six automatic gears, and it is also a common use of automatic gears. As long as you follow the above instructions, you can make your automatic gears "year-round without repair"! But if you often take some wrong habits to drive the automatic car, it can only say that your purse has to lose weight, money can be capricious, but why spend this money?

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