These 4 steering wheel problems are deadly!


The steering wheel as a very important control part of the vehicle, it is related to many aspects, on the other hand, many places of failure can also be expressed through the steering wheel. Therefore, careful observation and feel the direction of the disk, you can find some of the car's faults in advance, I specifically looked up the data asked by the above car friends, nearly 20,000 is the steering wheel problem, indicating that the steering wheel problem is very common, many car friends will encounter.

First, the steering wheel shakes during driving
1 can feel the steering wheel obviously shake, the chassis has a periodic abnormal sound, most likely because the balance of the direction transmission device is destroyed, the drive shaft and its spline shaft and spline sleeve may be excessive wear.
2. If the speed is faster, the more obvious the jitter, most of it is caused by the imbalance of the tire, check whether the dynamic balance data is out of alignment, really have a problem, you need to do a four-wheel dynamic balance, mainly the front two wheels, generally about 20 yuan a wheel.
3. If the steering wheel shakes when you step on the brake, you need to check the deformation of the brake disc.

Second, the steering feels heavy and laborious
If the front tire pressure is enough, check whether the booster pump belt is slipping; Whether the power oil is enough, and whether it deteriorates; Whether the pipeline is blocked and the circulation is not good; Booster pump pressure is insufficient; Lower arm ball head and surface bearings are stuck; Problems with any of these will result in hard steering. Do not know or go to the maintenance station to check, generally check for free.

Third, the steering wheel deviation, difficult to manipulate
When the vehicle is driving or braking, the direction automatically deviates to one side of the road, which may be caused by inconsistent front wheel specifications or air pressure on both sides; The front wheel inclination Angle on both sides is not equal, the front wheel bearing clearance is not consistent or the wheelbase difference is too large; Whether the chassis suspension is deformed;
Reminder: four-wheel positioning must be set, adjust the horizontal distance, that is, adjust the gap between the ball head, and the direction machine pull rod, otherwise there will always be a eating tire phenomenon, this is not expensive, 20 or 30 yuan done (Be sure to go to the regular shop, according to fans, some instruments even advanced, but the technician is not professional operation, without professional training, steering wheel deviation is a very deadly thing!) .

Fourth, the steering wheel is flexible and has a sense of drift
In this case, some need to do four-wheel positioning, but generally not this reason; It is recommended to check the chassis suspension first to see if any parts are loose; There is also the rubber limit block fixed in the groove of the direction machine caused by serious wear, only to replace the new limit block; It may also be caused by the front wheel swinging during driving. When the vehicle reaches a certain high speed, the steering wheel may tremble or swing, and even feel that the direction of the car is not consistent with the expected control, then the speed of the car should be slowed down accordingly.
In short, tire repair or tire repair caused by the front wheel assembly dynamic balance is destroyed, shock absorber failure, steering system parts wear loose and improper front wheel calibration and other factors can cause this result.

Reminder: In the nearly 20,000 data I consulted, nearly 20% of the car friends are repaired in the 4s shop, or can not be solved, the wise will be lost, the fool will be a thousand worries, we may wish to go to several repair shops, many professional 4S shop technicians to help you solve!