How to choose a new car, these precautions to know


For people who have just got a driving license, they are very much looking forward to buying a car, so for beginners, how to choose when buying a car, what are the precautions.

Novice car, in fact, first of all should pay attention to the real, after all, the beginning of the bumps and bruises are inevitable. The second is to preserve value, in general, beginners drive two or three years later, most will want to change a car. The third is the economy, just started to drive, habits ah, technology ah are not very good, will be more expensive, so the economy also needs to focus on consideration.
China's latest national standard "Terms and definitions of automobile and trailer types" (GB/T3730.1-2001) for automobiles
The following definition: a non-rail carrying vehicle driven by power and having four or more wheels. Mainly used for: transporting personnel and cargo; Towing vehicles carrying persons and goods; For special purposes.
From the technical point of view, there are three main evaluation indicators of vehicles, which are power, economy and emission characteristics.
Power: The power performance of the vehicle depends on two aspects, one is the configuration of the component, which belongs to the hardware, such as the engine, clutch, transmission, drive shaft, tires and so on. The engine is the core, the gearbox is the hub, the drive shaft is the bridge, and the tire is the executor.

The other one is meta component matching, which is software. The matching of components is not like the configuration, which can be seen at a glance, but it is a factor that can not be ignored, which is also the reason why many domestic car configurations are not bad, but the vehicle performance is not satisfactory.
Economy: The economy of the engine is the basis and fundamental of the economy of the vehicle. In addition to the engine, the economy of the vehicle is also related to the matching of the vehicle weight and the transmission system. However, for our users, this does not need to know too much, as long as the comparison of the 100 km fuel consumption on the product manual of different models can be done.
Emissionability: This is a highly valued indicator abroad, including user groups. China is not. This is a problem of environmental awareness, here we will not expand to say, only from the technical point of view to analyze.
Where to buy high equipment: The configuration of high equipment models is largely the more practical configuration, such as airbags, active safety systems, automatic air conditioning and so on. But more manufacturers like to play tricks on the configuration of high-configuration models, taking Tiguan as an example. Front armrests, 220V power supply, interior atmosphere lights, rearview mirror memory function, automatic parking, rear privacy glass, almost all of these configurations I can count above are some optional features, or should be the standard features of the whole system.
But Volkswagen likes to split these configurations just to create the illusion of "Wow, this car is very nice." But the most core difference of the entire high configuration is actually only the 2.0T power and full-time four-wheel drive system. In the past, a car can be replaced in 10 years and changed in 5 years; However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, now in order to maintain a higher competitiveness, the market model is basically a replacement in 5 years, and a change in 2-3 years. This trend accelerates the update and iteration speed of models, and at the same time, the market ownership of high-distribution cars is small compared to low-distribution cars, and the used car stickers are faster.

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